Card sorting, Collaboration, Competitive evaluation, Contextual inquiry, Diagramming, Ethnography, Facilitation, Heuristic evaluation, High fidelity prototyping, Interviewing, Personas, Scenarios, Sitemaps, Sketching, Strategy Development, Surveying, Task Flows, Usability testing, Wireframes, Service Design

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The University of Texas at Austin Design Institute for Health offered a fascinating introduction to the world of User Experience. To pivot into the field, I was a member of General Assembly's inaugural UX Design Intensive in Austin. We had the privilege of the first class researching alongside IDEO alums Stacey Chang and Beto Lopez, who founded the groundbreaking Design Institute of Health as part of UT's new Dell Medical School. 

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ASking the people who know

Stacey Chang accompanied us to an ambulatory surgery center to talk with nurses, doctors and staff about what they felt we needed to address with our digital component to the surgery centers. Afterwards we gathered a group of patients that were willing to share their experiences and made a journey map to marry the needs of both groups.



We made some personas and created an ideal experience that we wanted to use as our guide to helping patients throughout the surgery and recovery phases. We shared our findings with Stacy.