Connecting Cowboys to Livestock to Keep Ranches Viable



Research UX/UI


Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Sketch, Keynote


Personas, Journey Map, Wireframes, UI Comps, Decks




The Longview Herding app harnesses geofencing and RFID technology to benefit a old trade: livestock ranching. My design team partnered with mobile app developers, Carnegie Labs to lay its groundwork. The spark of innovation came as one of Carnegie’s founders searched for ways to keep his family’s ranch viable.

Longview Herding integrates enhanced cellular geofencing and RFID tags to help ranchers monitor the locations and health of their herd from any mobile device. And by enabling customized alerts—including livestock vital signs and water tank levels—ranchers can do more with fewer resources, improving profitability.

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Research: Walking a mile in someone else’s cowboy boots

Our user research involved in-depth interviews with ranchers in Texas, Colorado, and Wyoming, including field studies to observe how they currently track their herds with or without technology.

Pain points and particularly time-consuming tasks were carefully documented and we left interviewees with a survey to address any additional thoughts.

 Lange Helicopters provides livestock roundup services for Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Lange Helicopters provides livestock roundup services for Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.

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Exploring the competitive landscape and getting to know users

To get a picture of best practices in this sector, my team conducted a comparative and competitive analysis across a wide range of similar apps from around the world.

I created user personas to detail core demographics of our audience. Each one included customer use-cases I felt were important to consider during design.

For example: the need for one-hand navigation when on horseback and colors for UI needed to be readable with polarized lenses.

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As we gained more insights into exactly who would be using the app and under what conditions, I created a journey map and storyboards to visualize each touchpoint. I created Powerpoint decks for each, and presented my work to the team for review.

 The flow for drawing a boundry

The flow for drawing a boundry

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Building a hardworking app

In close collaboration with the development team, I helped create the following deliverables, which we evolved over several approval rounds before my role concluded:

  • Wireframes

  • UI Mockups

  • Prototypes with InVision

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