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Wayfinding in a Far Away Land: An App Making Grocery Shopping Easier in Egypt



Research, UX/UI


Photoshop, Illustrator, Omnigraffle


Wireframes, UI Comps, Decks




Oscar Grand is one of Egypt’s most popular supermarkets. Their massive stores offer an incredible selection of fresh foods and in-house dining options. So much so that navigation is a real challenge.

My team at Phunware was retained to create an app with wayfinding capabilities to make it easier for customers to locate specific departments as well as Oscar’s in-store cafes (so they needn’t shop on an empty stomach.)

Challenge LR@2x.png
Outcome OG@2x.png

Intercontinental Insights

The client enabled a virtual store walk-through to help us understand what users would experience as they used our app. Our team was also able to conduct interviews with various staff via video calls.

We made sure to review cultural norms so as not to use colors or imagery that would be offensive.

Maps OG@2x.png

Taking an austin-made App Platform Worldwide

As part of a design and development team, I participated in strategic decision making and was responsible for the following areas:

  • User flows and feature build-outs based on Phunware’s app platform

  • Concurrent rounds of wireframes to solidify a design language with developers and stakeholders

  • UI comps for multiple approval rounds

Dining Flow@2x.png
Drawing Shape Copy 5@2x.png
Dining Flow@2x.png
Restaurants OG@2x.png
Pescador OG@2x.png
OG Restaurants Android@2x.png
Pescador OG Android@2x.png

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